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"It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive

but those who can best manage change" 

- Charles Darwin

About Us

Orbit Advisors is a team of independent advisors with background as board members, executives, consultants and specialists supporting public and private companies (including family businesses).

We have a large and strong global network, especially in the Middle East.

Orbit Advisors is founded by Jesper Skou. He has more than 15 years experience as CEO, COO and board member from different companies in Europe and the Middle East. Jesper is originally trained as an air traffic controller and holds an MBA, a board education from Copenhagen Business School and a certificate in Artificial Intellingence(AI) Application for Growth from Kellogg School of Management.

Jesper contribute with high commitment and dedication to buiness transformation, strategic business development, leadership and organisational development based on commercial understanding of customers.

Jesper is motivated by results created by a clear strategy, digitalisation using AI and drone technology, risk and organisational resilience, and performance improvements. Throughout his career with P&L responsibilities, this has led to extraordinary results.

Jesper knows how to challenge organisations to improve alignment between strategy, organisational design and processes with the aim of increased efficiencyand better customer service.

He knows how important it is to be customer-centric as a part of the business strategy. Building a long-term relationship with your customers is essential to any business - always have the customer in mind when making large business decisions.

Jesper appreciates honesty, openness and a sense of humour – a well-functioning team is based on trust and mutual respect.

Our Services

Raising Capital

Are you an entrepreneur, start-up or scale-up company with a great idea and need some capital to get started?

Orbit Advisors can help you with raising capital for your business.


For a lot of businesses, startup capital is a necessity. For others, it may be possible to get started without any investment money however, there are still a lot of paths forward for business owners looking to raise capital. 

Some of them require trading ownership in your company.

We can explain and help you with all of these options, from grant money to loans, to venture capital investment etc.

We can support your business with;

1) The investment stages

2) Preparation for an investment meeting

3) Building a strong pitch deck

4) Finding investors who are a good fit for your company

5) How to build relationship with investors

6) Term sheets

If we find your business idea interesting, we might invest ourselfs. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Advisory Boards

Many privately held companies do not presently need or desire an independent board of directors. Frequently, these companies are managed and owned by a small group of individuals.

Within this context, we recommend that companies should consider establishing a board of advisors. In general, a board of advisors can provide the company with non-binding guidance/experience and can provide the CEO and senior management with a sounding board when the company is making important strategic decisions and transforming the business for future growth.

An advisory board can take many different forms and can serve many different purposes, including as a precursor to a formal board of directors.

Today, many companies have advisory boards with members form all over the world based on virtual meetings.

When establishing an advisory board, we suggest to consider the following 5 items:

1) Purposes of the Advisory Board

Carefully consider the purpose and scope of your advisory board before establishing it.

2) Composition

Find advisors with extensive contacts that can bring business and open doors for the company, as well as advisors that can maximize areas of expertise and network.

3) Compensation

Your company should strive to pay its advisors fairly, which typically will include annual retainers, meeting fees, and perhaps equity and/or equity options.

4) Meetings, Agenda and Structure

Advisory boards typically meet 2-4 times per year however, some advisory boards meet (in person or virtually) monthly or even more frequently when working on certain issues.

5) Relationship Between Management and Advisors

Be carefull here - the most critical element to the success of an advisory board is the relationship between the advisors and senior management, particularly the CEO.

Orbit Advisors can help you with establishing an advisory board or even provide you with the right candidates from all over the world based on a 'Virtual Advisory Board' concept.

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Global Business

Are you dreaming of going global with your business?

- You are not the only one......

Accessing the global market is the ambition of many companies, but it requires strategic thinking, research, and a methodical approach.

There are many aspects to take into account, and neglecting any of them could be hard on your budget.

If you want to turn your ideas and dreams into a global reality, make sure you start at the very beginning and get to know the factors of expanding a business internationally.

Orbit Advisors has extensive experience in international growth, especially in the Middle East.

Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Digital Transformation

Orbit Advisors have a team of independent advisors and consultants specialised in:

1) Artificial Intelligence (AI)

2) Digital Transformation using Drone Technology (UAV)

Digital transformation should be on every board and executive team agenda. Regardless of their approach, boards play a crucial role in guiding and structuring transformation. To drive growth, organisations must innovate; and today, innovation is rooted in digitalisation.

It's a survival issue. In the wake of the pandemic, an organization's ability to adapt quickly to supply chain disruptions, time to market pressures, and rapidly changing customer expectations has become critical.

Orbit Advisors can help you by understanding why AI strategy really needs to be driven from the top,
from the C-suite and why business leaders need to be in charge, and driving AI strategy.

We can help you with how to prioritize your AI initiatives across your business. You may have so many possible
initiatives you can pursue in so many different departments and parts of the organization.

How do you bring structure to that prioritization approach?

We can also help you with the journey that you need to take in terms of developing your AI capabilities.

Using ex drones for business purposes complies with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) numbers 7, 9, 11 and 12, as well as the Paris Climate Agreement.

However, there is a complex landscape of software and hardware solutions, legislative and regulative requirements that organisations must understand before they can strengthen their competitiveness and seize new market opportunities.

For an organisation to navigate and incorporate drone technologies into their strategies, they will need a strong, skilled partner who understands this technological segment. They will need an advisor who can work with their organisation in taking their plans from ideas to the first Drone flight and beyond.

Interested in digital transformation using Drone or AI technology?

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